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JaR Special Thanks

We have surely forgotten people to name in the special thanks area. If you are such a person, feel free to e-mail us and write your own special thanks to yourself. Be as funny as you like but keep it clean as this page is rated PG 13. Additional special thanks are posted at the end of this page.


Randy Special Thanks

  • My wife, Gail and my two awesome daughters, Julia and Sarah
  • Jay Mangano, world's greatest piano tuner
  • Bill Bradley, Micshop
  • Charlie Bolois, Vertigo Recording Services
  • Sean Gallant, Jungle Island
  • Tim Hosman, the definition of one-man-support-team
  • Ron Polito, if I could have his brain for just one hour I'd rule the planet
  • Steve Lukather, just because
  • Tommy Lydell, for introducing me to the amazing Superior Drums


Jay Special Thanks

  • My Mom and Dad who have passed - they had always supported me 100%
  • My brother Gary Graydon, his wife Caroline, his son Adam, and his daughter Katie. My brother is my best male friend and I love you and the family so very much!
  • Ian Eales (the genius), you are more than a great friend - you're more like an older brother (even though I am older.) (g) I am honored to know you!
  • Kerstin Olofsson, I thank you so much for your continual support and your gracious discoveries on my behalf - yes, you are the master of the web - my website is incredible!!!
  • Lage, Stefan and Peppe Olofsson, I thank all of you so much for your help and support!!!!
  • Dave Clark, you are the king of the NEVE console repairs and a great friend!
  • Denise Marie Luko - you are the greatest!!!
  • John Carruthers, as always, your work on my guitars is happening!
  • Rodney Millar, another great guitar tech and a fret PLEK system expert!
  • Catalina Lara, my house mother - you are like a sister!
  • Keith Senior, we have become great friends and I thank you for all of your kind help and support on all levels! - you are a great human being!
  • Steve Sykes, thanks for hipping me to the Pro Tools tricks and all of the audio tips! You are a master mixer/recording engineer!
  • John Warren, you have opened my eyes on so many subjects and my hero for the best 180 degree turn-around in life!
  • Tim Hosman, I agree with Randy, "the definition of one-man-support-team."
  • Ron Polito, Randy states, "if I could have his brain for just one hour I'd rule the planet." I would like to add Ron is a very funny guy and his input is always educational.
  • Steve Lukather, Randy states, "just because." I state, Luke, you are a trend-setter, your guitar playing is golden and you deserve to be on the top of the list of the greatest guitarists of all time (right behind me). Ok, I retract the "right behind me" thing since I remember that I was once right behind you on a record date within a few inches. (g)
  • Biff Ball, your brain thinks far beyond mortal man abilities. (g)
  • Alive Sound (Ron and Dave), thanks so much for keeping my old analog gear working!
  • Kiyoshi Mizukami and Toshi Nakada for your kind help!


JaR Notes

JaR wishes to thank Bill Goodwin and Mark Felicetti of the Magic Castle (Hollywood California) for allowing us to take pictures for the CD.


Additional Special Thanks

  • Jay, I think I deserve to be on this list since I was in the front row at your Allstars gig in Stockholm, Sweden in 1996, shouting..."MOOOOORE!!!!" - Kent L.


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