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The first album released by the supergroup JaR, i.e. the combined musical excellence of Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum, is titled JaR - SCENE 29 and is available from Amazon, and other online stores, as a physical album, a full album mp3 download, or a digital download of individual songs. Read all the RAVE REVIEWS this album is getting from happy music loving buyers all over the planet!

How can we best describe the music style ... well ... if you can imagine Steely Dan meets Airplay and Pages in a blend of strong catchy melodies with subtle lyrical hooks, pop with jazzy flavors and superb performances with a touch of humor ...


Yea, we are all waiting for JaR 2 - CODE - and the cats are busy with the finishing touches on the songs on this new album, but while we are waiting and since we very often get requests for the bonus track - SOMETIMES YOU WIN - which was included on the Japanese version of the first JaR album - SCENE 29 - released by Pony Canyon, we have decided to now release that song as a single download at our digital partners.


The artwork for this single is from the same photo session as for the debut album SCENE 29 and the photographer (Denise Marie Luko) clearly understood the concept getting the look Jay and Randy were after, being heavily into film noir! The room in which the photos were taken is the Hat and Hare at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

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IMC Album Of The Day: "Scene 29," by JaR (April 4, 2011)

As we await the sequel let's go back 2.5 years ago to a fantastic project that came from session ace's Jay Graydon & Randy Goodrum. This project had them combining their talents to form a project simply titled "JaR." "Scene 29," is a 11 track gem (Japan version has ...a bonus track) of top notch musicianship featuring crafty songwriting and stellar playing & vocals from both. The one thing I always admired about Jay & Randy is that they are "versatility x's infinity." When I first heard about the pairing it was no doubt a long time coming. Already both known as great producers, songwriters and session players, Graydon and Goodrum really are the perfect combo for each other. "Scene 29" proves that as they literally bounce off each others musically driven talents. On this effort they both step out in a big way. Some audiophiles are saying it sounds like an homage to Donald & Walter but I think it is 110% Jay & Randy. If you take a listen to their previous efforts then you already know this talent has been overflowing for years. If there is a "Dan" connection to this it might be that Fagen & Becker might want to take notes! Goodrum & Graydon really match up well when it comes to their vocals, each one swapping lead vocals on the tracks. When the vocals are paired together the harmonies are right there.

Musically the project is so filled with infectious grooves that you might need to phone a Dr. All eleven cuts are original compositions, each one being sophisticated catchy songs, that feature subtle harmonies and interesting melodic hooks. As for Graydon's guitar work? If it's possible he only gets better. Jay is such a clean and tasty player. His overall feel, tone and sound is unmistakable. Randy's keyboard parts are both funky yet layered with jazz chords that are pleasing to any set of ears. Usually in our reviews we try to say a few words about true standout cuts. I would like to do that but do we have enough time when it comes to tracks 1-11??? From "Cure Kit to Cabo Cad," this project just gets better and better with each cut. Before I hooked up with IMC I purchased a few of these CD's and gave them out to friends as Christmas gifts. One of my fellow music pals responded back with the following praise for this project: "Thanks so much for this great find, in a music land that is full of gray this is technicolor!" Great line indeed. I usually don't go out on a limb very often but this time I will. "All" of our IMC listeners and followers need to purchase this CD. It's a superb record by two guys who really deserve high props for what adds up to a big "JaR" of success.

IMC side note: The second release is coming and Jay states "we humbly state the new material is more adventurous than before," while Randy adds "Jay and I are hard at work on a new JaR Album. Fasten your seat belts!"

Can't wait guys... - Brian Pearson / Inside Musicast


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ORDER YOUR COPY of JaR - SCENE 29 - released October 1st, 2008 in the US. Now also available as a digital download!

JaR - SCENE 29 now (Dec. 17, 2008) released in Japan with BONUS track! - SOMETIMES YOU WIN!!!

Buy it from Amazon.com as an import or directly from Amazon in Japan.
Sound bite available here - track 12.

Check out a few REVIEWS!!!
SCENE 29 front 
image To those of you who wish to know the concept of the album cover. Yes, the song SCENE 29 was the inspiration. Please note SCENE 29 came about as Jay and Randy both enjoy Film Noir movies. The verbal content of the best mystery movies reflect the "cool lingo" of the 1940's, which formed the lyric outline for the song.

With the above in mind, the album was photographed as to look like a color poster of the late 1940's film noir similar to a painting. The photographer (Denise Luko) clearly understood the concept of getting the look we were after! The room in which photos were taken is the Hat and Hare in the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

The people in the photo are (from left to right) - ?, Jay, and Randy. The "?" person for now shall remain a mystery with clues as to discover who he is in our next album.

Yea, that was our initial idea, but the concept for the 2nd JaR album has been changed since then and now it is time to reveal Bill Goodwin - the master magician!!!

When thinking about the album cover photograph for the JaR Scene 29 album picture cover shoot (photographed by Denise Marie Luko), I had a vision for the set, which is a close up magic room in the Magic Castle noted as The Hat and Hare. The Magic Castle does not allow photographs so it was time to call in a favor from my good friend, Bill Goodwin who is the best of the best close-up magicians in the world and is the librarian at the Magical Castle. Bill's clout pulled this off. So when doing the photo shoot, I asked Randy if it would be OK to include Bill in the photo as to have three guys sitting at the poker table playing cards. Randy agreed leading to the JaR album cover photo.

I have noted the above since if any of you are interested in learning close up magic, please check out Bill's website, which is billgoodwinmagic.com.

All songs written by CURE KIT composed by Randy Goodrum, Jay Graydon and Tim Hosman* - *Poetic Justice Publishing (ASCAP)
Arranged by Randy Goodrum and Jay Graydon
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum
Produced by Randy Goodrum and Jay Graydon

Musicians and Vocalists:
RANDY GOODRUM - lead and backing vocals, piano, keyboards, synths, drums
JAY GRAYDON - lead and backing vocals, guitars, synths, drums
CARYL MACK PARKER - additional vocals on GPS
TIM HOSMAN - orchestration in the intro of Call Donovan as well as the "Donovan" voice sound in the fade.


It seems iTunes has listed 2 different bands with the same name - JaR - in their database and blended the songs for downloading, as being released by one and the same band. So please make sure you are actually downloading the correct titles!



  5. YOUR HEARTBREAK - Check out VIDEO here!
  7. SCENE 29
  8. GPS


  13. SOMETIMES YOU WIN - (bonus track on the Japanese release) and also remastered and released as a single download in 2016.

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