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The passing of Prince

In my book, I think Prince had one major strength, which is he seemed to have a very deep well as to songwriting not repeating himself. That is a gift for sure!

No doubt he was responsible for helping to shape pop music in the 80's (to me, that was the last era of artist musical freedom before radio hired companies to test songs and supply radio with weekly play lists).

I have a story that may be of interest. I produced many albums for artists on Warner Brothers. Lenny Waronker was the president in the 80's and I was close with Lenny. I was in his office for a meeting and somehow our conversation switched to talking about Prince. At the time, "When Doves Cry" was a hit, Lenny noted Prince had a meeting with Lenny and played a rough mix of "When Doves Cry". Prince was concerned that he did not use a bass on the song and asked what Lenny thought. Lenny's answer was perfect as he said something like, "There is low end in the track as the bass drum is covering that frequency area." That made Prince feel secure as to not having a bass instrument and the rest is history as the song was released without bass.

Kerstin just sent me the audio of "You're My Love", which is a song that Prince wrote under the pseudonym Joey Coco, for the Kenny Rogers album "They Don't Make Them Like They Used To", which I produced. The song is musical as there are a few hip chords. I can't remember if those chords were on his demo. Probably not as Robbie Buchanan arranged the song and since Robbie is very musical, he probably added the hip chord changes. I remember Kenny has good pitch so recording the vocals was fairly easy. I remember Kenny asked me to call El Debarge as to sing BG vocals. El is a great singer and he did a good job on the track. - Jay


Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition - 4 DVD Box Set

The Region Free 4 DVD box set Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition is now available at CD Baby! - Worldwide shipping! Check out our dedicated page for Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition with many cool photos from the the band reunion at Garden Rake Studios, 20 years later! Watch the trailer and read Jay's comments about this 4 DVD box set ...


Jay Graydon All Stars 20th Anniversary Edition

The Japan/Scandinavia Tours 1994 and 1996 with documentary bonus material

As noted above - A Region Free 4 DVD box set, having a few flashbacks from the 1994 and 1996 actual concert footage, a fun and informational band reunion hang at Garden Rake Studios 20 years later, filmed by Todd Homme, and a lot of bonus material, such as for instance a complete explanation by Jay Graydon on how to play his "Peg" solo, as well as a very cool jam session in Jay's garden from 1989 with great musicians, including Steve Lukather, and so much more.




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