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With heavy hearts we are posting this:

I am saddened to note Sherwood Ball has passed away.

Many times over the years I had told Sherwood he is on a very short list of the best singers of all time! If Stevie Wonder had heard Sherwood sing, Stevie would agree!

Sherwood could sing in any style and only a handful of white singers can sing R&B and make it funky and totally believable! Sherwood was also a very good guitarist!

Sherwood was like a brother to me! A very generous person with a heart of gold!

In 1994 and 1996 I put together a band to tour Japan, Sweden, and Norway. Sherwood was surely a key factor as to the band as a guitarist and singer! So many fond memories of our time together.

As to celebrate Sherwood's talent, a few years ago I decided to do a musical experiment as to the song, Day In, Day Out for a project we called Crank Sinatra. Sherwood sang the song and nailed the vocal as always!

I'm not in the mood to note all of the details as to why and how the process went. This track has been available through my website and CD Baby, This is not the time for a business pitch so here is the mix for free. Pass along to anyone you like that would want to hear Sherwood singing in the Sinatra Style with his own "feel". Sherwood Ball singing Day In - Day Out

Rest in peace Sherwood.



Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition - 4 DVD Box Set

The Region Free 4 DVD box set Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition is now available at CD Baby! - Worldwide shipping! Check out our dedicated page for Jay Graydon All Stars - 20th Anniversary Edition with many cool photos from the the band reunion at Garden Rake Studios, 20 years later! Watch the trailer and read Jay's comments about this 4 DVD box set ...

Time to open up the Jay Graydon Music For Christmas page for 2015! Enjoy!

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The Rivera Interviews

A few months ago I did an interview with Paul Rivera Jr. about his dad noting the details of how and when I met Paul and all that followed as to how amp Rivera modifications started and continued. It is educational information and I think you'll enjoy the details.
Kerstin mentioned I forgot to include Larry Carlton as one of the key studio guitarists of all time. Man, when I started noting details, I was surely thinking of Larry but spaced as to mention him, so since I spaced out let me say this. Before any amp mods started happening in the 70's, Larry already had an outstanding tone (the best sweet midrange tone of all of us studio guitarists) with his 335 and Fender Princeton amp! Also, on most of the Steely Dan records, he used a tweed Fender Deluxe, which also sounds incredible! - Jay

Rivera - Jay Graydon Interview Part 1 - History w/ Rivera Amplification

Rivera Amplification interviews Jay Graydon on his history with Paul Rivera's amps and mods during Jay's LA session days in the late 70's. The interview is in 2 parts below. Enjoy!

Rivera - Jay Graydon Interview Part 2 - Session Days

Paul Rivera Jr of Rivera Amplification gives an in-depth interview of session guitarist legend Jay Graydon. Jay speaks about how his famous Steely Dan "Peg" solo came about, how it was to be a top A list session player back then, how the record business has changed, the importance of tone, his signature amp, stories of Cheap Trick, etc.


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