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Jay Graydon. Official Web 

You have just entered Jay Graydon's official home on the web in which you will find everything about this twice Grammy awarded (Best R&B songs) and 12 times Grammy nominated (among the top 5 finalists) Los Angeles top songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, producer, engineer, and more. Jay will also take some space to address his fans and in other ways contribute, whenever he finds the time to do so. In short, we will bring you the HOTTEST NEWS about the world's greatest guitarist, songwriter and producer. So keep hanging around!

Live interview podcast with Jay Graydon at Inside MusiCast!
at Garden Rake Studios
  Jay Graydon at Garden Rake Studios, November 2013. Photo © Kerstin Olofsson. (The guitar in the pic is the new Jay Graydon Bossa signature model.)

My Hot Girth video

Most of you know me as a guitarist in the pop style with hints of R&B and jazz. Early on I wanted to be a good jazz guitarist but soon realized I would never be as good as Joe Pass and Ted Greene (chord melody style) so over the years I focused on what I do best. The funny thing is when I pick up the guitar to warm up, I play jazz stuff.

I get called to consult and beta test product from time-to-time and a few years back I was hired as a consultant for the ALESIS PROFESSIONAL M 20 ADAT recorder. I needed to do an audio test for the recorders so I thought this would be a good time to record a jazz bebop style album. I wrote some songs along with co-writing some with Bill Cantos. We then wrote out the charts and we recorded the tracks in one night. Since I engineer/produce my recordings, I needed to be in the control room. After recording the tracks, I spent a week trying different guitars and amps along with practicing guitar for a few weeks and then overdubbed my parts and solos.

If you like straight-ahead jazz in the bebop style, the odds are good you may like the stuff. All of the musicians are top notch jazzers (except for me). I worked out a solo guitar arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner influenced by my very good friend and teacher, Ted Greene. Ted heard it before he passed and really liked the stuff. I told Ted it was me emulating him and he said something like, "Man, that was you playing your style." I was honored he thought that way! In any case, Ted was and remains the biggest influence as to my playing! I wish Ted was still on the planet as he was the best guitar teacher ever and the most together person I have ever known! Ask anyone who knew him and they would say the same!

My brilliant personal assistant and webmaster just put together a video featuring one of the songs and we hope you like it. The Bebop CD is available on my website.

Btw, the very first thing you hear on the Bebop CD is about 20 seconds of me being interviewed by my dad on my 2nd birthday on his TV show. My dad got to hear the CD before he passed and he really dug it as well as loved the fact I still had the recording from his two hour TV show along with the excerpt I used in the beginning!

On another note, the bass player (Dave Carpenter) passed away a few years back. I must say he was an outstanding bassist and such a great person! - Jay Graydon

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The Joe Graydon TV Show 1948 or 1949

From 1948 through some time in the 1960's, my Dad had many local TV shows and radio shows in LA, Las Vegas, and San Diego. I have a Kinescope of one of those shows from 1948 or possibly 1949 and donated it to UCLA Film & Television Archive. After doing some research, I think the show was aired in 1949 since the song AGAIN (my Dad sang that song with the Gordon Jenkins Orchestra in February 1949) is used in the intro and outro of the show (just the instrumental part of the song). My Dad's Christmas song is used so I assume the show was aired near Christmas time. I asked UCLA for a DVD and when I received it, I noticed it had a huge ground hum problem.

I recorded the audio to Pro Tools. The hum problem was very strange as it was not 50 or 60 cycles since the many plug-ins I have did not fix the issue. I then went to plan B, which was to use EQ plugs. Using an 8 band EQ, I identified the frequency areas and notched out -18 dB with a very thin "Q" (width of the frequency area). I then inserted another 8 band EQ and duplicated as to equal a total of -36 dB at those frequencies. I then inserted a 3rd EQ to boost frequencies as to bring up other areas as to make more sonically delicious. You will find the full story here and here below are 2 audio clips showing the work I did to clean up the audio.

The Audio Files Before and After Repair

The two mp3 audio files go through the first song and my Dad's first talking sequence. The first one is before the audio fixes and the 2nd is after the fixes. Both clips open in a new window.

sound fileThe Joe Graydon Show - BEFORE repairs       .mp3 
sound fileThe Joe Graydon Show - AFTER repairs

Here below is a screen shot of the final repaired audio (PRO TOOLS PIC). It's the mono version (2 mono tracks interleaved for left and right) at 48k/16 bit. The top file is the original, without my fixes. You'll notice the bottom audio starts slightly late, but that is on purpose, as I needed to nudge round the audio for each song. It starts at the exact point that the original audio started (as downloaded from the DVD). The audio is a huge improvement. I ended up using around 20 PLUG-INS to pull this off. I could make it sound even better, but around three weeks on this project is enough.(g) Actually the last issue to be fixed is the “Wow and Flutter” which are terms I am explaining in my rap which will be updated soon and more updates to follow in time, so just stay tuned if you are interested. - Jay Graydon


Screen shot of the final repaired audio (opens in a new window)


... and here below is the video with the repaired audio ...

THE JOE GRAYDON TV SHOW on KLAC-TV (ch 13) in 1949


Latest update November 9, 2014
(JaRZONE; Facebook)

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A note from Jay. The following is long overdue.

I would like to thank Kerstin for putting together an incredible web site!!! She does this in her spare time and I have always been amazed that a mother of three with a full time job could possibly maintain such a web site!!! OK, that alone is unbelievable but check this out!!! Kerstin knows more about my songwriting catalogue than I do!!! She has organized and maintained the list for many years. Her research has led to problems and she then fixes such problems!!! The discography is huge work as well!!! Kerstin constantly updates which is a huge time burner!!! Now check this out!!! Kerstin runs my record company SONIC THRUST RECORDS on a daily basis!!! It does not end there since other stuff comes up on many levels!!! Kerstin should be a star of a TV series, "Internet Super Women"!!!

I thank you so very much Sis!!! You are an angel!!!!!!!

I ask that if you like this site, please e-mail Kerstin and tell her so. Please include Lage (her husband), Peppe and Stefan (their sons) since they have contributed as well!!!

I love this family for so many reasons!!!!!!!!!!!! - Your pal, Jay

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All written material, all images and photos in all sections of this website copyright © Jay Graydon/KEO 1996 - 2015. All rights reserved. Comments, suggestions, appreciation, corrections... whatever... talk to us.

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