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Sonic Thrust Records first release - BEBOP Label: Sonic Thrust Records
Cat. no: STRCD-001
Release date: October 16, 2001
UPC A. 793033106022

SOUND BITES - Note that the sound quality of all samples is heavily reduced, as they are compressed for easier download. 56 Kbps, 22050 Hz, Mono (12.6:1).

Blow Man - 995 kB, 2:25
Tubs - 1,37 MB, 3:25
Star Spangled Banner - full version - 963 kB, 2:21

This outstanding straight-ahead jazz album is as good as it ever gets, quality music lovers!!!


The first release - BEBOP - on Jay Graydon's own record label SONIC THRUST RECORDS is the result of the united musical talents by a group of top-notch musicians, all first rate studio aces with many years of experience in the music industry. Jay Graydon - twice Grammy awarded and 12 times nominated Los Angeles top songwriter, recording artist, guitarist, producer, arranger, engineer, and more - says about how BEBOP actually came about...

The "BEBOP" album happened quite by accident. I get called to consult and beta test product from time-to-time. Marcus Ryle (chief designer of the ADATs and much more, and the co-owner of LINE 6 (guitar amps), typically brings me into such projects. I needed to record a project as to beta test the ALESIS M20s. I considered recording a pop record, but that would typically use 16-bit samplers for drums, etc. I decided to record a bebop album as the recorder format is pro and needed real players as to show the sonics in full. - JAY

So Jay summoned a few of his best musician friends with with long and strong experience in the jazz field and together they made music magic - immortalized on the BEBOP album.

This video below is featuring one of the songs from the album - MY HOT GIRTH - which is an anagram of ... yea, take a guess ...



Jay Graydon is an internationally renowned artist with many hits over the years. Among the Grammy nominations is e.g. the prestigious title Producer of the Year and also a Grammy nomination for Best Engineered Recording.

The sidemen on BEBOP are not exactly any novices either, or how about Dave Weckl on drums, Dave Carpenter on bass, Bill Cantos on piano and Brandon Fields on sax. Quite a thrilling line up!

  1. Joe Graydon TV show
  2. Oh Yes, There Will
  3. Blow Man
  4. 4.2
  5. Go 'Way Moon
  6. Tubs
  7. C Bop
  8. My Hot Girth
  9. G Wizz
  10. Star Spangled Banner
  • Jay Graydon - Guitar
  • Brandon Fields - Alto and Tenor Sax
  • Dave Weckl - Drums
  • Dave Carpenter - Bass
  • Bill Cantos - Piano

The band is surely cooking on this album and the sheer fun factor, the passion and energy is obvious. As you may notice many of the titles are intentionally humorous. For instance the track "Oh Yes, There Will" is of course the answer to the jazz standard "There Will Never Be Another You", "My Hot Girth" is an anagram of "I Got Rhythm" and I think "G Wizz" needs no further explanation...

The musicians on this album have perfect understanding of one another. The versatility of the playing, with harmonic highlights such as Jay Graydon's clean genuine jazz guitar sound, Brandon Fields' warm sax tone, Dave Weckl's swinging drums, Bill Cantos' elaborate piano passages and Dave Carpenter's jazzy bass, makes the album a subtle intelligent masterpiece of quality music, caressing the ears of the listener. The compositions are all new, apart from the national anthem of course. The collaboration of these five skilled musicians, offering each other elbow-room for equilibristic solos, is exceedingly professional and a joy to experience.

The BEBOP album really lets the true musical genius of Jay Graydon shine through. The delicious arrangement and unusual treatment of the STAR SPANGLED BANNER showcases Jay's sensitive feel and touch. Listen for instance to the exquisite flageolets opening and ending his rare arrangement of the national anthem, giving it renewed beauty. The decision to add STAR SPANGLED BANNER to the album has its own story...

I was in Japan doing a promotional tour somewhere in the early 90s. I was asked to play the Star Spangled Banner on a rock video for some TV show (I can't remember the name of the show). The request was to play the first half of the song in a chord melody fashion and play the rest of the songs like Jimi Hendrix (full blown rock!)

I spent the night before in the hotel room working out a chord melody arrangement. I played the arrangement and the rock stuff for the video. When I got back to LA, I found myself playing the arrangement and decided to complete the arrangement in full regarding chord melody style. Some of my guitar player friends liked the arrangement and said I should record it so that is the reason it is on the CD. Ironically, the timing of 9-11 brought a new meaning to the arrangement!!!

In any case, enjoy this video my PA Kerstin created on the arrangement I did. - JAY



The BEBOP album is getting many favorable reviews by jazz authorities. For instance, Wes Gillespie at thejazzsite.net rates it a 10 out of 10 and says ...

"I have played it non stop for a week"... - Wes Gillespie

and Kenneth Pearson at Jazzmanonline says about Jay...

"His understated approach to guitar playing, along with sidework from Dave Weckl, Brandon Fields, Dave Carpenter, and Bill Cantos, combine to create a sonic treasure of bebop, a digitally recorded masterpiece." - Kenneth Pearson

Jazzreview.com were absolutely amazed by the BEBOP album and here is what their interview editor Suzi Price says...

I am so floored with your musical talent and technical expertise. I can only hope that another jazz CD might find its way to us sometime in the future. As I said many months ago, it is one of the best straight-ahead jazz CDs I've heard in eons. I assure you I've played it many times since receiving it with your presskit.
Review: Mr. West Coast himself, blows the lid off with one of the best straight-ahead jazz albums in recent years. Many may not be familiar with Jay Graydon. Twice Grammy awarded and 12 times nominated, Jay Graydon is L.A.'s top songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, singer, producer, arranger, engineer. If you buy one CD this season, Jay's new CD "Bebop" (on his own SONIC THRUST RECORDS label) is it! Exciting things are happening on this CD. It will knock your socks off! - Suzi Price

More reviews for the BEBOP album may be read at the review section on Jay's web site.

We would like to share with you a few photos taken of some great moments of jazz performed by a stellar bunch of seasoned players at Garden Rake Studios. All photos are taken by Don Q Hannah and Dave Weckl. The cat in the white shirt is Ian Eales who has worked as an engineer on several albums. Ian was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1983 for the "Jarreau" album and was consulted at this gig as studio technician. If you click on these mini pics you will get to the bigger pic and some comments.

  Bill Cantos
Bill Cantos


Jay Graydon and Ian Eales
Jay Graydon and Ian Eales


Dave Carpenter, Dave Weckl, Brandon Fields
Dave Carpenter, Dave Weckl,
Brandon Fields


  Jay and Ian and Don
Jay and Ian.
Don Hannah in the background
  Dave Carpenter
Dave Carpenter
Dave Weckl
Dave Weckl
The BEBOP album is also available as a "Jam-with-the-Band" book/CD package - which is a book with the sheet music and a CD with the music minus guitar as to play with the band, released on Hal Leonard. The other minus one instrument versions are soon to follow. This is a rare opportunity for young jazz music students to perform with a real bebop band. Since Jay could mix the BEBOP album leaving out one instrument, he did a few versions in that fashion.


Get your own copy of the package with the minus one CD and the accompanying book with all the charts from your local sheet music retailer or directly online from e.g. Amazon ...
Jay Graydon Bebop Book


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