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Sonic Thrust Records albums
are available to order at these stores in Kentucky.

Check out ALL Jay Graydon albums currently released on SONIC THRUST RECORDS at the CD BABY all-in-one page. You can now choose between ordering online via CD BABY or at a local CD store. Just tell your local favorite store to order the albums you want from Super D One Stop - one of the largest one-stop distributors in America. Their contact person is Gayland Morris.

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USA: Kentucky

Music Connection-KY (indie)Brandenburg KY
155 Meadow Lark Lane   40108 - phone: 2708283770
Avatar Records (indie)Radcliff KY
1627 N Dixie   1627 N Dixie 40160 - phone: 2703516075
Ear X-Tacy (indie)Louisville KY
1534 Bardstown Rd.   40205 - phone: 5024521799
Better Days (indie)Louisville KY
2600 W. Broadway Ste.#104   40211 - phone: 5027749909
North Key System Inc. (special)Louisville KY
HOLD AT UPS FOR WILLCALL   11101 Bluegrass Pkwy 40299 - phone: 5026578795
Joseph-Beth Booksellers-Lex (indie)Lexington KY
161 Lexington Green Circle #B1   40503 - phone: 85927153301690
University Of Kentucky Books (special)Lexington KY
106 Student Center Annex   40506 - phone: 8592576304
Cd Central (indie)Lexington KY
377 S. Limestone St.   40508 - phone: 8592333472
Book Wholesalers, Inc. (distrib)Lexington KY
1847 Mercer Road   40511 - phone: 80088844780346
Spy Records (indie)Lexington KY
4220 Saron Dr.   40515 - phone: 8592721007
Music Box-KY (indie)Regina KY
10130 Regina Hwy.   UPS ONLY PLEASE 41559 - phone: 6067547718
Music to Go-KY (indie)Hendenson KY
151 North Garden Mile Rd.   42420 - phone: 2708690058

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