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Sonic Thrust Records albums
are available to order at these stores in Delaware.

Check out ALL Jay Graydon albums currently released on SONIC THRUST RECORDS at the CD BABY all-in-one page. You can now choose between ordering online via CD BABY or at a local CD store. Just tell your local favorite store to order the albums you want from Super D One Stop - one of the largest one-stop distributors in America. Their contact person is Gayland Morris.

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USA: Delaware

Tri-State Music (indie)Claymont DE
333 Naaman's Rd.   19703 - phone: 9175722998
Middletown Electronics (special)Middletown DE
330 East Main St.   19709 - phone: 3023788686
Wonderland (indie)Newark DE
110 West Main Street   19711 - phone: 3027386856
Chat Noires, Inc (online)Newark DE
228 Witherspoon Lane.   19713 - phone: 3023699786
Scooter's Records & Tapes (indie)Wilmington DE
3207 - B Miller Road   19802 - phone: 6027645355
Allsafe Delmarva (online)Felton DE
139 South Lexington Drive   19943 - phone: 3023593979

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